See 20/20 again -- without surgery

Imagine seeing the TV screen clearly –– from across the room. Reading freeway signs without glasses –– before you’re already at the exit.

I’ve seen a huge grin on a 70 year old woman’s face when she could thread a needle without glasses for the first time in 32 years. And the pride and satisfaction of a young man whose new drivers license has no restriction for “corrective lenses.”

You deserve your own wonderful experiences –– just like these! During the last 43 years at the School of Better Eyesight thousands of people have improved their vision and thrown away their glasses. And you can, too.

Improving eyesight is not rocket science. It's simply a matter of taking the right steps at the right time

Here are the steps to improve your eyesight

Improving vision is very straightforward. It involves very specific steps:

Step 1: Understand

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Intro: How to Improve Your Eyesight

This FREE intro gives you the the foundation you need to begin. Learn 3 Basic Principles about vision, 3 Habits of the Normal Eye, how the eyes focus (or not), and more.

Step 2

Start Improving

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Vision Quick Start

Get started now improving your eyesight with the systematic method that has been successful for thousands of people for over 40 years. Get actionable steps you can take immediately to improve your eyesight, and begin re-establishing the Habits of the Normal Eye.

Includes a shifter

Step 3: Find Your Best Techniques

Now it's time to focus on what specifically works best for YOU.

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Improve Your Distance Vision

If you are nearsighted or have astigmatism, take this class after you complete Vision Quick Start. (This picks up where Vision Quick Start leaves off.)

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Improve Your Close Vision

Stop using reading glasses, after this class.

Step 4: Get LIVE Help

Working alone, it is easy to get stuck -- getting expert help can make all the difference between mediocre results and outstanding success.

Here's the link for One-to-One Sessions With Gloria Ginn.

Here's the link for the: 21 Day Challenge (New one begins August 1, 2022). This is only offered twice a year. Don't miss it!

Here's the link for: Improve Your Eyesight Inner Circle. After you have completed Vision Quick Start, and either the close vision or far vision course, you can join the Inner Circle and receive LIVE coaching EVERY WEEK. These sessions keep you on track with the assistance you need to bring your vision all the way back to 20/20.

My name is Gloria Ginn, and I LOVE helping people improve their eyesight. 

I'm good at it. I've done it for 43 years -- but you had to be in Los Angeles to find me. Until 2019, when I brought my training online for the first time. Now YOU too can improve your eyesight and get rid of those glasses and contact lenses.

When I was 18, doctors gave me glasses -- but I took them off and improved my vision instead.

I had perfect sight until my second year in college. Then I began to notice that street signs were blurry, so I went to an optometrist to get help. Much to my surprise, he made NO attempt to get my eyes working again. Instead, he gave me glasses.

That just didn't make sense. My sight had been perfect sight for 18 years. There was nothing physically wrong with my eyes. So I knew there was something I was doing differently, that changed my vision. And I knew if I could make my vision worse, I could make it better. I just had to figure out what I was doing wrong, and reverse that.

That started me on my search for natural perfect eyesight without glasses. A a search that spanned continents and took many years. But I've had 45 years of perfect sight. 45 years glasses free.

I can’t spare you the years you have suffered with imperfect sight, but I can offer you perfect sight for the rest of your life. 

Are you ready to improve YOUR eyesight?

Here's What Students Say

Here's What Students Say

Letters and Cards From the 1980s to 2019

Here are a few of the letters and cards I've received over the years from students -- long before the Internet existed, when people wrote letters to each other. Thought you might enjoy reading them. -- Gloria


Alternate Ways to Improve Your Eyesight

The most popular way to improve vision is with Vision Quick Start followed by the Improving Distance Vision or Improving Close Vision classes. However, there are alternatives.

  • If you prefer immersion training, you can jump right into a LIVE 21 Day Challenge
  • If your budget is extremely tight, you can buy a shifter and a book, and get started with those. Then when you are able, you can move into Vision Quick Start for a more thorough training.
  • If you prefer 1:1 sessions, you can book personal consultations with Gloria Ginn.
  • Some people like to combine formats, to begin with Vision Quick Start and/or private lessons and then join the Improve Your Eyesight Inner Circle for weekly group coaching sessions.
There isn't a one-size-fits-all way to improve vision. You can choose the approach that best suits YOU.


18 x 6 x 1/16 inches

FREE with Vision Quick Start

Primary equipment for all students. The normal eye shifts 70-100 times per second. With imperfect sight, the stare slows down the shift. The shifter helps you re-establish the unconscious shift of the normal eye.

Order a shifter for $55 plus shipping and sales tax (where required). Color may vary.

Get a shifter FREE with Vision Quick Start -- plus an entire training course that begins with the shifter and takes you way beyond it to get you started now improving your eyesight

Paperback or E-Book

Do you learn well from reading? You can get started improving your eyesight with this book and a shifter. Or jump into Vision Quick Start for a more thorough training.

Paperback or Kindle at Amazon

E-Book at Kobo, Apple, Barnes&Noble, and all other e-book locations

Personal Consultation

With Gloria Ginn

How Does This Method Work?

Vision is 9/10 mental and only 1/10 physical. The person with normal sight unconsciously practices certain mental habits of seeing that the person with imperfect sight fails to practice. When these habits are re-established, normal sight returns.

You improve your eyesight by focusing your eyes the way anyone with normal sight does -- except you will need to do so consciously at first, until it becomes an unconscious habit.

Take the FREE Intro course for much more detail: Intro: How to Improve Your Eyesight

How I Developed This Method

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how I developed this method, beginning in 1978 and continuing today. -- Gloria