Are you nearsighted or do you have astigmatism?

If you are serious about improving your eyesight, this is the fastest, easiest, most fun way to do it.

Stop struggling with

techniques that don't work

It can be frustrating. You try a technique you learned on YouTube, or read in a book, and it doesn't seem to do much to improve your vision.

Or maybe you have been able to get glimpses, flashes of greater clarity. But they are over in a micro-second.

Or maybe your vision HAS improved, so you have been able to use a lower prescription, but you just can't seem to get past a certain level and correct your vision to 20/20.

What if every time you practiced a technique, it produced results? You see more clearly. You feel more relaxed. The eyestrain dissolves.

What if you have extended periods of clarity throughout the day? Instead of a second or two of clarity, you have minutes an hours of it.

Then you realize that most of the time you are seeing clearly, and only occasionally does everything blur up again.

Then you get past that and are just seeing perfectly, day and night.

You deserve this.

You can have it.

Until 1908 in the United States, all branches of the military required 20/20 vision. Guess they figured if you are going to shoot someone, you should see who you are shooting. And glasses get lost, contacts get dusty (and neither of them works at all in the water)

That was the year the vision requirement dropped for the first time, to 20/40. Before then, there were enough normal-sighted men (and they were mostly men, then) that they didn't have to settle for less.

(And why should you settle for less than perfect sight?)

Now, you can get into the army with 20/600 vision in one eye and 20/400 i the other. That means what the normal sighted person could see two football fields away, you would have to be 20 feet away to see.

Myopia has taken become an epidemic among developed countries. But it didn't exist in indigenous peoples.

The fact is, perfect sight is our birthright. It is your birthright.

Claim it now.


Super Sght Squad

for Improving Nearsightedness and Astigmatism


Connect with other dedicated vision-improvement students. Meet friends who inspire you, collaborate with you, and share your joy with each new win.


You'll learn exactly what you need to do to improve your eyesight. How to clear the mental blocks that cause resistance and slow down your progress. And how to step into the mindset of perfect sight.

Take Action

You won't just learn what to do intellectually. You'll get hands-on experience improving your vision.

Training Schedule

All sessions (except peer practice) are recorded and replays are available to you.

  • Onboarding Session, Sunday, October 30, 1:00 pm Eastern Time
  • Monthly LIVE training Sessions, First Monday of each month, 2:00 pm Eastern Time
  • Weekly Live Coaching Sessions, Saturdays, 2:00 pm Eastern Time
  • Monthly Peer Practice Sessions, third Wednesday, 11:00 am ET

Bonuses worth $1134:

  • Vision Quick Start course
  • Improving Distance Vision course
  • Exclusive in-depth monthly training manuals by Gloria Ginn: 9-part series, How to See With Perfect Sight, Your Comprehensive Guide
  • Shifter, shipped to you anywhere in the world (except two countries that do not accept USPS packages)
  • Charts, downloads and more

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"It's fun, and it's easy"

“I wore glasses almost every waking hour, and then contact lenses for 24 years. Sick of the hassle of contact lenses with their drying out, constant expense and all the liquids and cleaning solutions, I went back to glasses. But then I grew sick of the pain of the glasses on my ears and nose. Again: HASSLE.

“I heard of the Bates method from reading a book about vision. I also had some success seeing more clearly if I was in a particularly relaxed way. But nothing would ever stick, and it all seemed like “hocus-pocus,“ New-Age tomfoolery to me.

“However, being somewhat tom-foolhardy, I went on. When I saw Gloria for the first time, being cheap and Missouri-like I arrived late and in a “show-me“ mood.

“Well, she showed me on day one. She uses simple techniques. It takes little time. And furthermore, it is so much fun to see in a new way!

“Within a week, my vision was clear enough –– and bright and fun enough –– to read all street signs. I was so much more relaxed. 

“Then there was the night vision problem. I started using Gloria’s name in vain. “Sure she can get me to see when the sun is up, but what about in the moon glow?“

“Seeing during sunny times compared to seeing ‘after-hours’ is as different as night and day. During our special three-hour night seminar, I was shown again. (I’m not really from Missouri, just a somewhat hyperactive actor from New York.)

“Today, I function completely without glasses. All day long, I incorporate the techniques I learned. It’s fun, and it’s easy. 

“I get such a kick out of the irony of seeing the sign for an optician’s office in perfect clarity from a block away.“

“It’s like a little bit of Lourdes in Brentwood.”

 –– Don Cummings

Free of Glasses in Three Months

“This is to heartily recommend Gloria Ginn as a teacher of the Bates Method of eye improvement.

 “It was hard to believe at first that our eyes could actually improve so that we would not only not need glasses, but also have normal vision. After a short workshop with Gloria, we were convinced from our own experience of rapid improvement that it was possible. We had worn glasses for many years and had previously not considered that we could be rid of them.

“We began going to Gloria twice a week, and in two months we were free of glasses except for night driving, and in three months we were free of glasses completely!

“Our private lessons began only this year –– and we are happy to report that Harold’s eyes are restored to normal, Marlene’s are 20/30 with 2 eyes and] 20/15-70 with the weaker eye.

“We completely endorse Gloria Ginn and the methods she teaches and recommend her to anyone who is ready to make the commitment for normal sight.”

Revs. Harold and Marlene Younger

My name is Gloria Ginn, and I LOVE helping people improve their eyesight.

I'm good at it. I've been doing it since 1978, and I've helped thousands of people see 20/20 again.

It all began when I was 18. Doctors gave me glasses for nearsightedness and astigmatism -- but I took them off and improved my vision instead.

My vision had been perfect until college. Then street signs started looking blurry. When I went to an optometrist, he made NO attempt to get my eyes working again. Instead, he gave me glasses.

That just didn't make sense. My sight had been perfect for 18 years. There was nothing physically wrong with my eyes. So I knew there was something I was doing differently that had changed my vision. And if it could get worse, it could get better. I just had to figure out what I was doing wrong, and reverse that.

That began my search for natural perfect eyesight -- a search that spanned continents and took many years. For the last 50 years, II've had I've had perfect sight. 50 years -- glasses free.

I can’t spare you the years you have suffered with imperfect sight, but I can offer you perfect sight for the rest of your life. Are you ready?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you qualify?

This challenge is for you if:

You are nearsighted and/or have astigmatism, and your current glasses prescription is between -1.50 and -7.50.

Your close vision is good if you take your glasses off and hold things close enough.

You are a self-starter. You recognize that you will need to apply yourself to get results -- and you are willing to do that. However, you want to make sure that you are doing the right things, the ones that produce greater clarity in your vision.

You ask for help when you need it.

You're not looking for a medical "cure" for myopia. You recognize that if your vision can change for the worse, it can change for the better, once you know what to do.

You want to be part of an amazing group filled with forward-thinking, creative people of diverse background.

Who is this NOT for?

This is not for you if:

You are farsighted, with a plus sign (+) in front of the numbers in your glasses (such as +2.25). You need the Improving Close Vision course instead.

You are more interested in why your vision is the way it is, instead of how to fix it.

You want to argue points intellectually ad nauseam, instead of taking action, seeing your vision improve, and then duplicating your success.

You have high myopia, with a current glasses prescription higher than -7.50. Yes, you can improve your vision to 20/20. I've seen it done, and facilitated it being done, over and over. The initial steps are different, though. Schedule a 1:1 session to get more guidance on the best path for you.

How much does this cost?

There is a flat fee of $225 per month for ALL ACCESS to trainings, coaching calls, practice sessions and materials.

You get two months' membership free when you enroll in the yearly plan: $2250 for a year.

This looks amazing, but now is not a good time. Can I do it later?

Yes, in a few months when the membership portal opens again for a new cohort group. But the price point may be higher at that time.

If you wish to be notified when the next membership opening arises, Sign up on the waitlist.

But why punish yourself by not getting the help you need right now to improve your vision? Why settle for imperfect sight one more day -- when you can get the help you need -- live from a master in this field -- the fastest, most sure way to get results.

Life is full of obstacles. There is always something. I've found there is never a good time, there is only now. I've taken many opportunities when they were a stretch for me, and I've never once regretted it.

What is the time commitment?


Weekly coaching sessions and monthly training sessions of approximately 90 minutes each. If you can't attend live, you can watch the replays.

1 session of 60 minutes for peer practice. This is optional, but helpful -- especially if you learn best with others.


30 minutes of dedicated practice with the techniques. This can be split up into smaller segments of 5-10 minutes. When you're on a roll, and results are coming in, you may want double down.

Integrating the techniques moment-to-moment while you are on a computer, walking, driving, or doing household activities. This doesn't actually take any time, but it does take attention. Once you gain skill in improving your vision, the more frequently you do it, the faster the results.

What do you do about glasses while your vision improves?

You'll get a lot more info on this in the onboarding process, but here is the basic idea:

If you've already taken off your glasses, just keep them off!

If your prescription is -3.25 or less, you'll just need one weaker pair of glasses before you can toss them completely.

If your vision is -3.50 - 7.50, you can wean yourself through progressively weaker prescriptions. It is usually best to get a weaker pair of contact lenses to wear all day for the computer, etc. Usually this is about 2 to 2.5 diopters lower than the 20/20 correction.

Do the exercises with the contacts on. Also, get -1.50 glasses to use on top of the contact lenses for driving. The two together should give you 20/40 vision (or whatever the legal limit is for driving where you live).

As the vision improves so you can drive at night without glasses, then lower the prescription on the contacts. Repeat until you are out of contacts, and then glasses completely.

How long will I have access to the recordings of the sessions and course materials?

As long as your membership is current.

New Cohort Group Forming Now

Enrollment is open October 1 - 15, 2022

Membership portal closes October 15, 2022 at midnight, Eastern Time