Downloads and Materials

Please download and print the charts below

  1. The first download: G card and LBO card
  2. One of the the next two: U.S. size paper (8 1/2 x 11 inches)r: LetterCard Lg 2020 OR European size paper, (A-4): LetterCard LgEuro

NOTE: This is the hub for all downloads associated with this 21 Day Challenge There are other downloads offered here which you may want to access at a future time, and there may be future downloads added as we go through the live coaching sessions and different topics arise. (This is a LIVE training, so special topics that arise in any particular group cannot be anticipated ahead of time.)

Letter Cards G&LBO.pdf
LetterCard Lg 2020..pdf
LetterCard Lg Euro.pdf
YOU black.pdf
JSJ Eye Flow.pdf
Phoebe and Isabel 2 sides.pdf
SEE 2 eVersion 2019.pdf
SEE 3 e-v.pdf
SEE 5 eVersion.pdf
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